People around the world have been
healing and relieving pain with the cannabis plant for millennia. A common preparation of cannabis was to extract the medicinal elements of the cannabis by soaking the plants flowers in oil or other substances to dissolve the medicinal compounds into the oil. These cannabis extracts were then applied to the skin (topical application) where the medicinal cannabinoids would enter the skin and body tissues, binging the medicine directly to the area of the body that was in need of healing and pain relief from injury, tension, inflammation muscle strain, bruising, or 

Eli Lilly Cannabis Extracts
Made Before Prohibition
and other ailments.


Modern scientific researchers have discovered that cannabis interacts with a network of pain regulatory receptors that can be found all over the body, called "CB2" receptors. (see Mechoulam's article on CBD and Doc Green's science page)

 Cannabinols, the medicinal molecules produced by the cannabis plant, have been found to bind with the CB2 receptors in the body, activating the body's own systems for reducing inflammation and pain.

Cannabinoids - the medicinal
molecules found in Cannabis

Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream combines the medicinal properties of select strains of cannabis into deep penetrating shea butter lotion that quickly and effectively delivers the medicinal cannabinols to injured and painful areas of the body, providing relief within seconds, and lasting for hours. Quick absorption into the skin and tissues means you can re-apply as needed or to increase dosage.  

Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream has a light and pleasant scent of Vanilla or Lavender (from essential oils) and is now also available in "Unscented".  The cream absorbs quickly into the skin, and does not leave an oily residue on the skin that stains clothes.

One application of Doc Green's when in pain, or every few hours, is usually sufficient. Higher dosages can be achieved  by rubbing additional applications to the same location, as the cream absorbs quickly. Many people report great benefits from applying the cream before bed and first thing in the morning. 


As the medicinal cannabis is absorbed and remains substantially in local body tissues, the Healing Cream does not cause the same psychoactive "high" one feels after smoking or ingesting marijuana/cannabis. Preliminary tests have shown that even heavy usage of doc green's cream did not show up in urine-analysis screens for cannabis.  However Doc Green's cannot guarantee undetectable amounts of THC in blood or urine samples after use. 

Doc Greens Therapeutic Healing Cream gets cannabis medicine to your muscles and aches, while keeping your head clear. Most patients who use the cream do not report of any psychoactive effects from its use. Since people differ in their sensitivity to cannabis and cannabis products, it is recommended to start out rubbing a small finger-tip amount of cream directly into sore, painful, or tight areas, and then observe the effects of the cannabis over the next several minutes.Doc Green's Healing Collective urges caution and does not make any representations that driving or operate heavy machinery are appropriate activities for patients who recently applied Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream. As with all cannabis medicines, test the effects of the cream in a safe environment where you can observe its results in your body. Most people feel no psychoactive effects whatsoever, and are able to conduct regular daily activities without hindrance (and without pain!). 

Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream has not been evaluated by the FDA,  and therefore, DGHC cannot make, and therefore does not make any claim that Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream can by used to diagnose or treat any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor regarding your use of cannabis and its potential combination with any drugs that you may be taking. As with all medicines, keep Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream out of the reach of children and pets.

- Safe and Effective / Non-Toxic  / Non-Addictive / Cannabis Pain and Inflammation Relief -

That's Doc Green's Therapeutic Healing Cream,
A revolution in pain relief! TM