Our Story

Founded and based in Berkeley, California, Doc Green’s has manufactured healing cannabis products since 2009, first in the form of award-winning topicals. Our new collection of solventless products features live rosin and live rosin-infused pre-rolls. We proudly source from fellow legacy producers, small cultivators and partner with equity brands. Doc Green’s believes in the power of collaboration and aims to ensure the preservation of classic cannabis culture. We’re proud to be one of Northern California’s original cannabis brands and are dedicated to bringing the mantra of conscious cannabis into the new era.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there

We care for our body, mind and soul with cannabis, and want to consume it in its purest form.

Concentrating cannabis is the art of capturing the essence of the plant. At Doc Green’s, we believe this beautiful plant is most powerful closest to its natural state of full expression. (There’s magic in those trichomes!)

We craft our premium live rosin without solvents or chemicals of any kind — preserving more terpenes, cannabinoids and flavinoids for the most balanced and beneficial experience. Only ice and water have touched the plant before it is meticulously pressed into aromatic gold for you to inhale and enjoy.

Crafting solventless concentrates is a mix of ancient tradition, modern science, art, and a little bit of magic. Easy? No. Worth it? Most definitely.

Our Process

No secrets here.

We source the highest quality fresh frozen flower from small, legacy and equity cultivators.

Using the cleanest solventless extraction method, we craft the flower into ice water hash, and then meticulously press it into golden, terpene-rich rosin. The result is the purest essence of the cannabis plant — fresh premium Doc Green’s live rosin.

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